Back of man crouching while riding scooter on beach boardwalk on sunny day

We LOVE Scooters!

We started on the beaches of Southern California, where electric scooters are a lifestyle.  We rode on the weekends, heading out to the beaches and to local restaurants.   Then we found ourselves leaving our cars at home and riding to work.  We would blow by the traffic and spend zero time parking.  When we noticed how our commutes had all of a sudden become fun, we decided to start a business.  That business became Valiex, where our mission is to provide the finest electric scooters on the market.

Man crossing street on electric scooter
Tattooed legs straddling an electric scooter next to the beach on sidewalk

Maximum Quality

High-capacity lithium-ion batteries.  Forged aluminum chassis.  Beefy, smooth-as-butter suspension.  

Close-up of black electric scooter wheel

Maximium Safety

Intuitive controls.  LED lamp systems. Dual hydraulic disk brakes.  

man crouching while riding electric scooter down beach boardwalk

Maximum Fun

High quality scooters.  It’s all we make.